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Chadwick Stokes' "Rainsong" Premieres At Huffington Post; Announces Rescheduled West Coast Dates

Chadwick Stokes hits the road for his fall tour in support of his solo debut Simmerkane II (Ruff Shod/Nettwerk). Beginning in Boulder at the Fox Theater, the tour includes stops in Minneapolis, Columbus, OH, Nashville and Atlanta.  For west coast fans, the rescheduled tour dates resumes early 2012 with shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Inspired by Stokes’ freight train jumping adventures across the U.S. with his brother and cousin, Simmerkane II was produced by John Dragonetti (of The Submarines) with guest appearances from Carly Simon, Matt Embree (Rx Bandits), The White Buffalo and Blake Hazard (The Submarines).

Directed by Sam Cohen (of The Yellowbirds), the video for “Rainsong” was premiered by Huffington Post. Collected from books and magazines, everything in the video is paper collage animation and arranged by hand.

The White Buffalo Debuts, “Oh Darlin’, What Have I Done?” on RCRD LBL From ‘Prepare For Black & Blue‘ EP; Tour Dates Announced

"The White Buffalo's voice is murky, like he's been swilling too much whiskey and perhaps been chewing on some gravel, in lieu of cigarettes. This song is something of a little mystery. There is, of course, the immediately ominous feel to a title like, 'Oh Darlin', What Have I Done?'—clearly a love song, alluding to wronging someone. And he has. It's just not necessarily his lady. The drum-less elegy is a chiller." - RCRD LBL

The White Buffalo, led by vocalist/guitarist Jake Smith, is quite possibly a legend in the making. A throwback to the times of hard touring and hard drinking artists who really lived what they sang about, Smith is as complex, gifted and compelling as it gets. Everything about Smith is larger than life, from his towering stature, his quaking bravado to his dissident style.

"Oh Darlin' What Have I Done?" is from the new EP Prepare for Black & Blue out this fall via Ruff Shod/Nettwerk Records and currently available for preorder on iTunes.

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