Tara MacLean

Nettwerk Records Pulls From The Vault To Make Physical Copies Of Classic Albums Available For Purchase

As part of Nettwerk Music Group’s 25th Anniversary celebration, Nettwerk Records has gone into its vault and pulled key out-of-print records from its 25 year history, making them available for purchase as a physical CD once again through Amazon's disc-on-demand service. Over 60 releases are currently available, including classic albums from Skinny Puppy, The Finn Brothers, Gob, Sense Field and Tara MacLean, as well as popular compilations and soundtracks. More out-of-print releases from the vault will be made available over time. Click HERE to see all titles available.

For all current news from Nettwerk Music Group, make sure to visit Nettskinny.com, Nettwerk’s press blog.

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