DJ Dan's "Operator" Featuring Blake Lewis At USA Today

Directed by Justin Coloma, the video for “Operator” debuts at USAToday.com.  The video is both a retro and modern concept, similar to DJ Dan's debut album namesake, Future Retro (Nettwerk Records). With a plethora of new ways to communicate, the video pays homage to the grandaddy of all mediums - the telephone. The video features Blake Lewis inside an ultra-modern phonebooth lined with neon lights and an LCD screen and DJ Dan managing a 40s-inspired switchboard, filtering the track.

A stalwart of the West Coast House sound, DJ Dan is a remixer extraordinaire (Lady Gaga, P. Diddy, Black Eyed Peas), continually imparting his influential voice of authenticity, knowledge, and pure love for all things music. Blake’s incomparable energy, combined with DJ Dan’s trademark production, make for a fun and sexy reworking of the 1985 hit originally recorded by Midnight Star.

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USAToday.com Premieres DJ Dan & Überzone's "Operator" featuring Blake Lewis

USAToday.com premiered the new single from DJ Dan & Überzone called "Operator," which features vocals by former American Idol contestant and USA Today Idol Chatter guest blogger Blake Lewis. Check out the video by clicking above or HERE.

Grab the Soundcloud stream of the track:
DJ Dan & Überzone - "Operator" feat. Blake Lewis (radio edit) 

"Operator" will appear on DJ Dan's third EP, DJ Dan Presents: Future Retro, Evolution 3 (April 6), in anticipation of his first full-length release, Future Retro. The track  was originally a chart-topping R&B smash for Midnight Starr in 1985, and serves of Dan's third "retro" tribute. 

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