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James Yuill Puts Spin On Debut And Releases 'Turning Down Water For Air: Earth & Fire Versions'

“With diverse influences ranging from the folk-rock ballads of Nick Drake to more progressive productions turned out by the likes of Radiohead and the Chemical Brothers, it's no wonder that Yuill's tunes fall somewhere in between. The uber-talented singer/songwriter/composer's folktronica sound blends traditional acoustics and down tempo vocals with digital sounds and techno enhancements. Once a street performer by day and a club personality/DJ by night, Yuill has taken his past careers and successfully transformed them into a unique sound suitable for early morning birds and night owls alike.” – Trendcentral.com

Known for his ability to brilliantly walk the line between folky singer/songwriter and electronic DJ, James Yuill releases a new digital version of his debut album Turning Down Water For Air today. Turning Down Water For Air: Earth & Fire Versions is a re-recording of Yuill’s entire debut album; he actually turned each track on its head to create new versions in the opposing style to that in which they were originally conceived.

Stand-out tracks like “No Pins Allowed,” “No Surprise,” and “This Sweet Love,” which were originally more electronic-tinged are now stripped down and called “Earth Versions.” The folkier original album tracks like “How Can I Lose” and “You Always Do” are now laced with an electronic edge, making these “Fire Versions.” (DOWNLOAD "This Sweet Love: Earth Version.") You can check out the full album for a limited time on AOL/Spinner here

"Sample Me Up Mofo!": James Yuill Recruits Fans To Help Create New Track In One Week!

Nettwerk folktronica artist James Yuill just completed "Sample Me Up Mofo!", a playful experiment that exemplifies what sets him apart from other artists, besides his ability to perfectly combine simple folk tunes with bumping electronic beats. Through his personal blog, James Yuill's Blog Of Joy, Yuill asked his followers to send him short audio samples of anything from banging a pot to shouting at a neighbor. As the entries poured in, Yuill started to mix the samples, even posting photos of the process along the way.

Just a week later, Yuill posted his completed project, along with the list of entries he used. You can check out the final product HERE.

James Yuill Releases 'This Sweet Love' EP And Video

London-based electronic folky James Yuill released his latest EP, This Sweet Love,  last week on iTunes and recently premiered his video for the title track. The EP features the original album track and 4 remixes, along with a previously unreleased track "They're Chasing My Hands" (track list below).  

Yuill released his N. American debut Turning Down Water For Air earlier this year and toured with the likes of M83, Black Moth Super Rainbow and School of Seven Bells.  He will also a KCRW favorite and was invited to play at "RadioActive: A Dance Party for KCRW."  

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